There are lots of methods to get more number of likes to your own Facebook page. However, not every method is ethical and it is recommended that you don’t try black hat methods. Let’s see how actually you can get more real likes from the fans on Facebook pages.

Facebook Likes

1: Install Facebook’s Like Box Widget.

It is one among the oldest, yet the best methods to get your trustworthy people like your own FB fan page. Put the like box widget onto your blog/website from developer page and put it somewhere the eyes will catch. Also, try experimenting with colors, height and width to get the most excellent appearance which suits your site.

2: Optimize for Search Engine.

Organic Traffic is the thing you should keep out an eye for as the online marketer. Optimizing your Facebook fans page for the Search Engines is method too simple than you think to improve Facebook real likes from 99Medias.

3: Link To Fan page.

Don’t overlook to keep link from your website/blog to your own fan page. Linking that on your own about page or with the author’s bio area is an excellent method to get many more clicks and thus gain more number of likes. Try having a section which links to your other social media accounts at your site to help your online existence go super cool.

4: Use Email Newsletters.

You always can ask your customers/readers to like your fans page for you. Well, it really works! Fire one mass mail to all your loyal subscribers using an Email. Include your Social media links also at bottom of Feed Mails.



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