Facebook fan page is rapidly being renowned as a vital tool for any business or brand wishing to bind power of the Social Media. The trouble is, they’re just worthwhile if individuals click on ‘Like’ button! Here are some really powerful techniques, which you can utilize to increase the amount of people who ‘Like’ you.

Facebook Likes

To boost the number of individuals who click on like button, make use of a technique known as ‘Fan gating’

It means that the non-fans see pre-determined page till they click on the like button. By clicking on like button, they can see other pre-determined page. After that if they visit the page subsequently again, they will notice the wall.

The very first step is offering something in return

This shouldn’t come like a shock to learn that basic rules of ‘equitable and fair exchange’ apply to the human behavior on Facebook as well. In essence, it means that people unlikely are to take action unless you provide them something precious in return to improve Facebook likes from 99Medias Facebook Likes services.

You must reward people instantly for taking action

In case, you’ve promised them anything, offer it without delay to them. Having performed any successful ‘equitable and fair exchange’, you’ve built up a boosted level of permission now, which means you’re able to request yet another exchange.

Don’t forget, that whatsoever you add to the wall will appear in your own fan’s activity feeds now. To a certain extent, this means you always should remember why they granted you the permission to ‘communicate’ together with them in first place.

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