Do you look at the Facebook Likes button present on your website pages or blog posts and wish to increase that number? Do you know that you actually can do it? Let’s learn a bit about how Facebook like button work and how you actually can take benefit of that to acquire some more traffic and likes!

Get Facebook Post Likes

How the Facebook’s Like Button Work?

When any visitor on your site clicks on Facebook Like button, that page’s title, a thumbnail, and short description is pulled into update box. The visitors then can add any comment or post it onto their own Facebook’s profile.

This, certainly, increases the count of the Likes. The most excellent part is that anybody who is a friend or subscribes to visitor’s profile will also get the chance to see page.

How to Increase Count of Facebook Likes?

A click on Facebook Likes button isn’t the only thing which moves the meter. Following Facebook activities also will increase the Likes count as well as exposure for your posts, thus increasing social shares and the traffic!

1. Adding the Like button onto your posts: The most vital thing you can easily do in order to encourage Likes of your posts is to add Facebook button onto your site.

2. Sharing the post link on your Facebook’s fan page. When you share the posts link on the Facebook’s fan page, the Likes will boost.

3. Buying Facebook posts likes. When you Get Facebook post likes, the Like button’s count will surely increase to the extend you want.

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